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Cable Assembly & Test


Custom Interconnect can provide customers with Cable Assemblies and Looms complimenting both the PCB Assembly and Box Build activities, all fully conforming and covered under the manufacturing controls exercised by our ISO 13485 and AS9100 Quality Assurance Arrangements. 

We produce simple double ended looms and the more complex multi-point looms, in low and medium volumes at our Andover Box Build Facility, where it further compliments the installation of the electronics into enclosures and cabinets. Our staff are experienced in producing looms and cable sets as a stand-alone requirement for our Customers, or in support of a full product build. 

Within our network of suppliers we are able to provide customers with the higher quantities of pre-assembled looms, which can be sourced from the lower cost regions.  We are also able to provide specialised RF Cables, Fibre Optic and low loss interconnect cables through our Connexions Group Companies.

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