Screened Room

Screened Room for RF Testing


Custom Interconnect has a 12 foot by 8 foot Screened room set aside for the purposes of RF and Electrical Isolation Testing, which is specifically used for transmitting Radio Frequency at full or high power. The room is available for development testing and product verification for production purposes alike, and is located within our Electronics Manufacturing facility alongside all other testing resources.

As we are testing a considerable amount of RF based products, we also have a number of RF shielded Test Enclosures of various sizes, and all of the associated product testing equipment to enable high power testing as part of the production verification process. The screened room is electrically isolated from the main production area with a "Clean Supply".

Screened room testing usually forms part of an Inspection and Test Plan, or as part of a Product Development Plan. CIL are able to assist in these planning stages for this activity, contact our Business Development Team for an informal discussion on test solution development, including RF and screened room testing.


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