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CIL improves its RAPID PCB Assembly service with a dedicated SMT line

In recent months much of CIL’s activities have been concentrated on its Semiconductor packaging and volume PCB assembly capability from its BP2 facility. However, CIL has also been further developing its CIL House PCBA facility. This includes a dedicated fast track prototype, NPI and small volume PCB assembly line. This RAPID prototype service, offers a 5 day standard assembly service from a clean kit of parts. As well as the assembly service, CIL has put in place the quote purchasing and engineering team to assist its customers with this service. For the last 3-4 years CIL has been using one of its 5 off Production SMT lines at CIL House for fast track prototype assembly, but the scheduling of this has become more difficult to achieve when customers are increasing their demand for these 5 SMT lines. So in April 2024, CIL installed a dedicated DEK Solder printer, MYCRONIC MY700 ink jet solder printer, MYCRONIC MY300DX SMT placement machine, 10 zone reflow oven and Quinns AOI Inspection system. This assembly set up is only for dedicated fast track prototype, NPI and small volume PCB assembly and means the 5 off SMT lines at CIL House are now for medium volume complex PCBA and the 2 off lines at its BP2 are for high volume complex PCBA. This gives CIL a total of 8 off SMT assembly lines, all using the DEK printer / MYCRONIC MY300DX / 10 zone reflow over configuration. The added benefit of this set up is that any prototype manufactured on the new SMT line is already being process developed to go onto the same configuration for small, medium or volume production at a later date. This assists CIL customers with their product development.

The benefit of this to CIL’s customers is that they now have a dedicated fast track prototype, NPI, small volume, medium volume and high volume PCB assembly capability from one company all located in Andover UK. CIL is not offering this service to all users that require it, instead it will be dedicated to supporting existing CIL customers and potential new customers that will eventually require medium or volume production. There are many companies in the UK that offer a similar fast track service, and CIL does not wish to compete with them. But many of these companies offer a fast track service only, they are not set up to provide the follow on medium or volume PCBA production. CIL are experts for PCB Supply, Rapid Prototyping, BGA, Rework and Modifications, Automated Optical Inspection, and Procurement. CIL has an two on-site DAGE QUADRA X-Ray systems and has a fast turnaround for low and medium assembly requirements.


Through an era that has seen the introduction of BGA, uBGAs, QFNs, BCCs, and POPs to name but a few, CIL has lead the way in fast track prototype and low volume production, often providing turnarounds that have seen projects assembled before competitors have even quoted. Our standard RAPID service can be further enhanced with our range of turnaround options starting from just 48 hours. Typical examples include Gerber to complete product, including PCB and  parts procurement within 5 working days as long as there are no very long leadtime items, or our 48 hour express build to Free Issue kit. Comprehensive stock holding ensures most passives are always in stock, and our established supplier relationships ensure that we can usually find those difficult to source parts on very short timescales.


Low/Medium Volume Assembly

Low to medium-volume-assembly utilising high speed, state of the art pick and place machinery we are able to setup and program small volume builds quickly enough to make machine build a competitive option. Thanks to our policy of continual investment, our machines are able to handle the latest technology, and have capabilities to place components down to 01005 case sizes, and all available BGA, LGA and WLCSP’s.


Automated Optical Inspection

CIL are now able to offer full Automated Optical Inspection, using our QUINNS Benchtop system. Selected for its ease of use, and speed of programming the QUINNS AOI system guarantees repeatable quality on all low-medium volume orders, whilst not compromising on our standard leadtimes. AOI is able to perform most of the visual checks performed previously by manual operators, and far more swiftly and accurately. If more sophisticated 3D AOI is required, CIL can deploy its KOH YOUNG ZENITH 2 systems, but this does increase the leadtime due to 3D AOI program generation.

X-Ray Facility

CIL has two on-site DAGE QUADRA X-Ray systems that are used to provide visible confirmation and placement accuracy of all BGA devices placed. Images can be reviewed, stored and supplied with boards if required.


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