Custom Interconnect Ltd invests in TAKAYA APT-1400F Flying Probe Test machine

Custom Interconnect Ltd has further invested in the latest TAKAYA APT-1400F Flying Probe Test machine to expand capacity and its technical capability. The APT-1400F is the very latest machine from TAKAYA and is complete with 4 tilted contact probes, 2 vertical contact probes, and 2 IC-open check probes. The APT-1400F system also has a powerful optical recognition system for reliable and precise automatic optical testing. The optical system detects missing, offset or polarity-reversed components and thus increases the test coverage for the components that cannot be tested using an electrical test. The camera also records 1D and 2D barcodes and includes these in the test reports. Measurement and assignment of the results without gaps are thus always guaranteed, which assists with CIL’s AS9100 and ISO13485 customer requirements This new APT-1400F is not only more advanced than CIL’s two existing TAKAYA APT-9400 flying probe systems, but its newer design has resulted in it testing at least twice as fast as either of our existing systems. Even though it is a third CIL machine this speed increase has effectively doubled production capacity.

CIL is also further investing in all areas of its business to support its continued growth. So look for future upcoming news on DEK Solder printers and DAGE X-Ray machine at CIL.


Short video of APT-1400F available on YouTube link below