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Thick Film Hybrids

Custom Interconnect Limited has been designing and producing Thick Film Hybrid Circuits for over 25 years, generally in support of the Telecommunications, Medical and Defence Sectors. We are now seeing a resurgence in the use and application of thick film technology, certainly amongst the Oil & Gas Companies, Satellite and Space applications and also that of the specialised Automotive sectors, usually where designs require higher operating temperatures or survive in extreme operational environments. Our Advanced Technology Group can assist you in determining the potential of utilising Thick Film techniques and processes within your designs.

CIL produces a range of Thick Film circuits and complex printed thru-hole and double sided assemblies using the our in-house print facility.

We produce custom circuits containing SMT technology mixed with that of Bare Silicon Die that are wire bonded to the Thick Film or contained within standard packages. CIL's Design Team can assist your technical and engineering groups with these unusual design features, call our Sales and Business Development Team and have an informal discussion to explore the potential resolution to your current engineering challenges, it could be easier than you think...

If you’re interested in thick film hybrids, get in touch with the business development team today and see what Custom Interconnect can do for you.

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