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I started working at CIL on the 1st Sept 2008. I joined the business as a soldering operative (IPC 2) on the shop floor, where I was stationed for 3 weeks. I was then moved into the Oil and Gas Dept (IPC 3, high-end soldering) where I quickly learnt the needs and standards that are required by the customers. This included completing modules in JSD-001 and IPC-A-610 which are training courses still ongoing within the business today.

I enjoy not only being a team leader but also being hands on to help achieve goals and targets.

Having 38 years of soldering/electronics experience I put myself forward with a colleague for the IPC Hand Soldering Competition at the National Electronics Week 2014. This was the first time the company entered the competition and we came first and second. This was a massive achievement as it meant my colleague went on to the World competition which took place in San Diego, he was placed 4th in the world. Everyone was so proud. We entered several times after that with outstanding results set by other staff within the company.

Within the 15 years I have been with CIL I have managed to progress my skills further due to the training and support we get from the company. I enjoy the day to day tasks and new challenges that come along because we learn from having the ability to adapt to change and grow with the company. I have seen, and been a part of the growth of what started as a fairly small company to what we are now, and still growing.

I look forward to many more years with CIL and am excited to be part of what the future holds.

 - Helen, IPC3 Product Champion, joined September 2008


Having had experience within recruitment, I enjoyed seeing employees start their journey and wanted to be in a position to support this further. Human Resource is an area that I have wanted to work in to develop this, and CIL have given me the opportunity to start on this path.

CIL invests in their employees, with emphasis on professional growth and development. 

As my line manager, Donna continues to support me in my career development, ensuring my involvement in all aspects of the department. This has provided me with the chance to develop new skills and enhance current ones. Within employee relations and people management, I now have autonomy to suggest and implement new ideas.

CIL have provided support and funding for me to begin my professional learning journey to achieve a formal qualification with the CIPD. This has been invaluable in the growth of my career and I look forward to seeing how I can use this knowledge to bring new ideas to our team as the company continues to grow. 

- Olivia, HR Assistant, joined December 2022


I started working at CIL almost 6 years ago in my first Purchasing role. Coming from a production background and working in other sectors where focus was always on the quality of the stock being received, the procurement side of businesses was always something I was interested in.

Starting in Admin I believe I got a great foundation within the business, working with many other departments such as Planning, Commercial, Stores and SMT. This allowed for a greater level of understanding of other departmental processes and requirements – a key in such a dynamic business. To further this, there is also an openness to each department who are passionate about their role within the business and happy to explain their processes.

Within Purchasing, both myself and the new Admin Team were shown around our SMT lines and our Stores by the Supervisors of each department to get a better understanding of their duties and how we can best work together. This is echoed throughout each department and can be seen across all areas of the business.

There is a firm belief in giving employees access to training and upskilling across departments is important, encouraged and ever-present at CIL.

Within the Purchasing department and over the course of my time at CIL I have received great mentorship from the other members in the team and Tina herself, providing a great role model and opportunity to become a more qualified and experienced member of the team.

I have found there has been great support from Tina towards projects to improve the department and we have seen positive success in the new ideas we have implemented to help both Purchasing and CIL as a whole run smoother.

Tina has also supported my colleague and I to both undertake our level 3 CIPS qualification. Since completing our studies we have both been awarded promotion, progressing from Admin duties, Assistant Buyer to Buyers with our own group of customers we procure for.

I am currently undertaking the next level of my CIPS qualification, again with the support and funding of CIL and am excited to be part of a growing business.

 - Employee within Purchasing, joined August 2017



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