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Component Staking

Staking or securing components to their given substrates is a core skill and competence at Custom Interconnect Limited. We are able to ruggedize complete PCBA's or more sensitive devices at Bare Die or individual component level. There are many reasons for improving the design integrity by using this method, a proven technique widely used within the Oil & Gas, Defence and Industrial Electronics Sectors. 


We are able to advise on the types of materials to be used, which are usually based upon the component density, size and weight against the application concerned. All Materials used will have been approved for use and the application specified and controlled through formal method sheets and work instructions. We are also able to provide the under-filling of BGA’s and QFN devices following the all-important product testing and verification stages.

Staking can be performed as a stand-alone, requirement or as part of a Conformal Coating or Potting Stage. Additional Equipment such as X-Ray is required to ensure that complete fill, without voiding, is achieved, and that items such as wire bonds remain correctly formed. 

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