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CIL has established an world class reputation as a respected Industry partner for the supply of Electronics Manufacturing and Testing Services across the Oil & Gas Sector. We have a proven track record in the manufacturing of both down-hole and surface electronics for this demanding and technically challenging Sector. For over 15 years we have manufactured and tested down hole drill bit electronics with operating temperatures of 150degC, 175degC and 220degC as well high vibration up to 20G's in 3 axis for up to 4 years. We also have in house processes and supply chain for the manufacture of high temperature non-magnetic electronics for the down hole Oil & Gas sector


Customers Materials are carefully selected from validated sources within our established and quality approved supply chain. Suppliers have been vetted for their requisite experience and Industry knowledge, achieved by working closely with CIL to ensure that conforming materials are always available to meet production schedules and new product roll-out programs.

Custom Interconnect has specialised materials storage facilities which utilise Dri-Store Cabinets that are, "at Temperature" and additionally are Nitrogen charged. This maintains the quality of all materials and sub-assemblies whilst under our care and control. We can provide the controlled storage of last time buy materials and pre-qualified components, where required.

Our Production techniques, such as pre-conditioning of materials, Reflow Soldering in Nitrogen and specialised soldering for high temperature applications, fully conform to IPC inspection standards. Post assembly and soldering we can provide rigorous testing at Temperature, followed by Component Staking and Conformal Coating all contributing to making CIL the leading Electronics Manufacturing partner for the Oil & Gas Sector.

Our separate Box Build facility assembles and tests complete down-hole probes for some of our customers, including electronics which are fully encased and potted, many of which are subjected to High Temperature, Magnetics and High Vibration. All of our staff are trained to deal with the diversity of the production needs from this sector, and as we have supported the sector for many years, this makes many specialised production disciplines a way of life.

If you have products that operate in either high temperature, high pressure or extreme vibration ranges then please discuss your specific needs or requirements with our Oil & Gas Industry Sector Team at CIL.

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