Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Arrangements

Counterfeit Avoidance

We exist in an environment where it has been proven many times that Counterfeit components and materials are present, and having experienced the presence of Counterfeit components amongst free issue materials that was sourced from "Grey Market Suppliers" we have created a number of robust control measures to assist in the identification and detection of suspect materials.  It is our formal Standard Operating Procedures which prevents the use of such suppliers and sources, and that specific gateways and milestones have to be achieved for all components or materials that have been identified by the Counterfeit Avoidance Team. 

Quality Assurance is active within CIL's counterfeit avoidance program, where suspect components and devices are formally assessed, and if believed to be so, the team produce a report for Customer and supplier, and remove the parts from process.  In addition, we also ensure any counterfeit parts are posted on the UKEA register of counterfeit parts to ensure as an industry, we look to tackle the counterfeiting practice. Disposal of all suspect materials are agreed with the supplier, and CIL monitors final sentence and disposal.

Copies of our Quality Systems Certification, can be located and downloaded here.


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