Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Custom Interconnect Limited has the largest independent “Chip & Wire” facility within the United Kingdom. Housed within two Clean Rooms, CIL's Advanced Technology Group has an established reputation for providing outstanding engineering solutions to technical problems. This being one of our foundation skills, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in the following key disciplines:- 

  • Die bonding using conductive or non conductive epoxies and eutectic soldering
  • Aluminium wedge, Gold wedge & Gold ball bonding utilizing advanced automated equipment
  • LED's, Laser's, MEM's, ASIC's, Medical sensors, Opto sensors, photodiodes, GaN Devices and more are all processed.
  • Multi Chip Modules and Chip & Wafer Scale Packages.
  • Design & Manufacture of Thick Film Hybrids.
  • Custom BGA’s (Ball Grid Arrays).
  • Chip on Board and Chip on Flexible Circuits.
  • Re-Packaging of Silicon Die into bespoke solutions.
  • Ceramic packages and lidding for component obsolescence and high temperature requirements
  • RT / DUROID / RO4350B and other RF materials for frequencies up to 40GHz
  • Die sizes from 0.3mm x 0.3mm up to 100.0mm x 150.0mm
  • Wirebond counts from 1 / device up to 1000 / device
  • And many combinations thereof…


Custom Interconnect's Advanced Technology Team is Engineering led and deals with a diverse requirement, from single models for proof of concept projects used by Universities and Research Establishments, to higher volume production across almost every Industry Sector possible. We are Corporate Members of IMAPS and involved in a number of industry and governmental sponsored collaborations, and initiatives.  Please browse the following tabs and explore the types of offerings we can provide. Feel free to contact our Business Development Team and discuss any specific needs you may have. 



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Custom Interconnect Limited is a Connexion Technologies Company, see the Corporate Tab for full details