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Semiconductor Packaging

Custom Interconnect Limited has the largest semiconductor packaging facility within the UK. Housed within its 64,000sq ft BP2 facility, in June 2023, CIL installed a 15,000sq ft ISO7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom and moved all of its existing micro-electronics and SiC and GaN Power device assembly into this brand new, custom built facility. With wafer dicing, five Auto die bonders, seven Auto Wire bonders, four Auto Glob top dispensers and full Plastic overmold processes, this capability is unmatched in the UK and gives CIL's customers access to the very latest semiconductor packaging technologies.

  • Wafer dicing using DISCO DAD3361 dicing system and associated water purification system
  • Die bonding using conductive / non-conductive epoxies and eutectic soldering
  • Die bonding using Silver Sintering techniques for SiC & GaN based power devices
  • Aluminium wedge, Gold wedge & Gold ball bonding utilizing advanced automated equipment
  • Heavy gauge Aluminium / Copper using wire / ribbon bonding for high power IGBT / SiC / GaN power devices
  • LED's, Laser's, MEM's, ASIC's, Medical sensors, Opto sensors, photodiodes and more are all processed.
  • Multi Chip Modules and Chip & Wafer Scale Packages.
  • QFN style surface mount packaging including custom leadframe design
  • Design & Manufacture of Thick Film Hybrids.
  • Custom BGA’s (Ball Grid Arrays).
  • Chip on Board and Chip on Flexible Circuits.
  • Re-Packaging of Silicon Die into bespoke solutions.
  • Ceramic packages and lidding for component obsolescence and high temperature requirements
  • RT / DUROID / RO4350B and other RF materials for frequencies up to 40GHz
  • Die sizes from 0.3mm x 0.3mm up to 100.0mm x 150.0mm
  • Wirebond counts from 1 / device up to 1000 / device
  • And many combinations thereof…

Equipment installed includes

  • 1 off DISCO DAD3361 die and device wafer saw system and associated wafer mounting equipment
  • 3 off DATACON 2200EVO Auto die bonders 
  • 2 off HACKER Auto die bonders
  • 2 off Manual die bonders
  • 6 off ASM 589 Auto Al wedge bonders
  • 2 off ASM EAGLE60 Auto Au Ball bonders
  • 1 off K&S ASTERION Heavy Gauge Wedge wire bonder
  • 1 off DAGE 4000 die shear/wire bond pull tester
  • 1 off DAGE Prospector die shear/wire bond pull and full diagnostic test system
  • 3 off Nordson Asymtek S2-920 Auto dispense / Glob top systems
  • 1 off DAGE Quadra7 X-Ray/CT Scan system
  • 1 off Nordson GEN7 Scanning Acoustic Microscope (CSAM)
  • 1 off ATV SRO-700 Formic Acid / Vacuum soldering system
  • 1 off Boschman Sinterstar Innovate F-XL sinter press for silver sintering
  • 1 off Boschman Pre-heat and cooling tower system for silver sintering
  • 1 off Boschman UNISTAR Auto plastic overmold machine. This is capable of over-moulding BGA’s, LGA’s, QFN’s, Plastic IC’s, Power discrete.
  • 1 off Scheugenpflug VDS U1000 / LP804 VDU Auto epoxy fill system
  • 1 off Keyence VHX7000 Digital Microscope with sub-micron laser measurement
  • 4 off Keyence laser measurement systems, for die / product in-line measurement and product compliance

Custom Interconnect's Advanced Technology Team is Engineering led and deals with a diverse requirement, from single models for proof of concept projects used by Universities and Research Establishments, to higher volume production across almost every Industry Sector possible. We are Corporate Members of IMAPS and involved in a number of industry and governmental sponsored collaborations, and initiatives.  Please browse the following tabs and explore the types of offerings we can provide. Feel free to contact our Business Development Team and discuss any specific needs you may have. 

































If you’re interested in our advanced technologies, get in touch with the business development team today and see what Custom Interconnect can do for you.



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