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Wire Bonding

Aluminium wedge bonding, Gold wedge bonding, Gold Ball bonding and Heavy Gauge Aluminium/Copper wire/ribbon bonding using advanced automated equipment are all performed by CIL's in house manufacturing. Consider this resource in conjunction with our  CIL’s Die Bonding capability and we can provide you with a very cost effective, automated solution, that can produce as many as 50,000 assemblies per month or single devices. A variety of wire thicknesses can be used, typically 17um, 25um and 32um dependent upon the bond pad sizes available and the wire types specified. We also provide a Heavy Gauge Wire bonding service using both Aluminium and Copper wire/ribbon for power devices such as IGBT / SiC / GaN for the BEV & PHEV Automotive and other power markets. We also produce assemblies that require reverse bonding for low loop profiles, die to die bonding and deep access wire bonding in a package to different heights. Our Wire Bonding Facility is housed within a Clean Room environment. Device types range from die having a single bond wire up to 750 wires / die and in some instances on COB devices up to 1000 wires / assembly. Furthermore, when combined with our extensive SMT & test capability, CIL can offer a total product solution. These assemblies are used in markets such as

  • Medical sensors
  • SiC power devices
  • GaN power devices
  • IGBT power devices
  • Positional sensors
  • X-Ray sensors
  • Gas sensors
  • 40 GHz microwave power amplifiers
  • LED modules
  • Laser modules
  • IOT sensors
  • Automotive sensors 

All such processes require strict controls exercised over the materials used, and the operational stability of the equipment itself. This can be verified using our In-House Dage Die Shear & Wire Pull Testing Station, which is also used for ongoing quality control of the processes. We also have in house Plasma clean to pre clean assemblies if required and wire bond to the following substrates. All of the die bonding is backed with Dage Quadra5 X-Ray inspection for die attach coverage and voiding. We are soon to add Scanning Acoustic Microscopy C-SAM for voiding under high power devices under very heavy/dense substrate materials such as thick copper, which cannot be inspected using X-Ray.

  • FR4 Laminate COB
  • Flex-rigids
  • Alumina or other Metallised ceramics.
  • DBC / AMB / AiN substrates
  • Ceramic packages and lidding for component obsolescence and high temperature requirements
  • Carbon Fibre and Steel.
  • Aluminium Backed & Direct Bonded Copper.
  • Thick Film & Thin Film.
  • Polyimide rigid and flexible circuits.
  • RT / DUROID / RO4350B circuits up to 40GHz

As part of a Product Technical Review we can assist our Customers and provide you with Design Proposals detailing appropriate substrates; advise on the choice of materials and finishes; wire sizes and types. Our Project Management and Engineering Team have the requisite experience and knowledge to help and assist you with this process. 

Maintaining product quality during process handling is very important, and we can specify and use a variety of finishes and encapsulations in order to maintain product integrity and security.  In conjunction with our partners, we are able to select and offer a full materials analysis and provide reports of findings in order that appropriate further selections can be made.