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3D Automatic optical Inspection (AOI)

CIL has invested in two flagship Koh Young, Zenith 2 and a further two Koh Young ALPHA HS 3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems. These four systems are the most advanced AOI in the UK & Ireland at any CEM or OEM. The Koh Young system, with its eight light projectors benefits from fully 3D light metrology offering CIL the most accurate measurement of our PCBA’s available. With the addition of side camera technology to overcome shielding and upgraded 15 micron resolution, CIL is now better equipped for the most complex technologies currently in production and in the future years to come. Passives down to 01005, BGA / CSP coplanarity, solder fillet to IPC standards, Foreign Material inspection, QFN leads, Shielded parts, and all thru hole components such as connectors etc can be auto inspected. Due to the precise and quantifiable measurement of the Koh Young platform and by exploiting KSMART Statistical Process Capability, our Engineering Process Improvement & Quality Teams can aggregate real time production information to not only remove the chances of an escape, but also to study our production processes in detail to improve our yields and drive our quality standards ever higher. This functionality comes alongside many new features of KSMART including Remote Line Monitoring, Offline Programming, Offline fine tuning and Foreign Object Material Inspection. Using the machine capability and KSMART software packages, CIL assists customers with statistical data on their products to design for test (DST) and design for manufacture (DFM) on early prototypes / pre-production. This statistical feedback assists all customers to fine tune their designs to guarantee long term reliability of their products, which of course will be confirmed by all production, both SMT and Thru hole components and soldering being 100% 3D inspected at CIL

CIL runs the two Koh Young Zenith 2 systems standalone to inspect the SMT production from its 5 off SMT lines at its CIL House facility. This facility is to support its customers with low - medium volume high mix production. CIL runs its Koh Young APLHA HS systems in-line with its two high volume SMT lines at its BP2 facility.








        2 off Koh Young Zenith 2 3D AOI @ CIL House                               2 off Koh Young ALPHA HS 3D AOI @ BP2

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