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System in Package (SiP)

system in a package (SiP) or is a number of IC's enclosed in one chip carrier package or encompassing an IC package substrate that may include passive components and perform the functions of an entire system. The ICs may be stacked using package on package, placed side by side, and/or embedded in the substrate. They are internally connected by wire bonds that are bonded to the package. Alternatively, with a flip chip technology, solder bumps of 65um are used to join stacked chips together, or even both. SiPs are like systems on a chip (SoCs) but less tightly integrated and not on a single semiconductor die.

As with CIL's Multi-Chip-module assembly solutions, CIL brings almost all of its technologies and processes to solve these complex semiconductor assemblies. Using a combination of its advanced PCBA processes and its semiconductor packaging techniques nearly all available in-house in Andover UK. These processes can include.

  • SMT - All of CIL's 8 off SMT lines are 01005 & WLCSP capable 
  • 3D Automatic optical Inspection (3D AOI) - Resolves down to 15um
  • Flying Probe Test (FPT) - 01005 test capable
  • Laser depanel - This precision is required due to the complex nature of these assemblies
  • Wafer dice
  • Die bond - Includes conductive / non-conductive epoxies, solders, sinter material
  • Wire bond
  • Flip chip - WLCSP's are all soldered flip chip devices
  • TSV - Thru Silicon Vias
  • Glob top
  • Plastic Overmold - Entire assembly to be encapsulated into a single device
  • X-Ray
  • CT Scan
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (CSAM)
  • Destructive and non-destructive test.
  • All of the above processes and equipment are in-house at CIL

Irrespective of product size or weight issues, CIL has probably encountered it. We are currently working with the very latest Chip Scale and Wafer Scale Packages and looking at the requirements for placing, soldering and cleaning of these devices alongside that of standard SMT Components. Feel free to get in touch with our Advanced Technology Team and have a conversation regarding your particular requirements.

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