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BGA / LGA / CSP Underfill

Custom Interconnect Limited has production processes for the underfill of BGA, LGA and CSP devices. Whether its reworkable or non-reworkable underfill material in very small or production quantities CIL can provide a solution. We also have processes using Automotive or Military grade underfill materials to withstand the elevated temperature and extended life cycles in these markets. With the onset of more electronics becoming Ball Grid Array (BGA), Land Grid Array (LGA) or Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) based, making these modern packaging styles ultra reliable can pose a problem if underfill is not used. Due to CTE mismatches between the main PCB and the BGA / LGA / CSP parts, at elevated temperatures it can cause the BGA / CSP solder balls to fracture resulting in catastrophic failure. Therefore underfill materials have been developed in both reworkable and non-reworkable formulas to allow the devices to be bonded to the main PCBA once all testing is complete. CIL carries in stock and has processes for both and also materials that can withstand both Automotive and Military working temperature ranges. CIL uses both a manual small volume application method and also has a completely automatic in line Nordson Asymtek Spectrum 920 Ink Jet system for volume production.

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