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Conventional Electronics Assembly

The trend with current product designs, and the ongoing tendency towards using surface mounted / SMT component technology has seen inevitable reductions in Conventional or thru hole assembly of electronics. However at CIL, we continue to enjoy a high mix of SMT and Conventional Electronics, mainly due to CIL’s chosen markets of Oil & Gas, Defence & Homeland Security, and many others. This  makes conventional assembly and hand soldering an evolving business feature and an operational strength at Custom Interconnect.

We use a combination of single work stations, or if appropriate we can configure flow-lines and use our light-guided semi-automatic assembly stations.  Our production staff are time served and trained to the highest standards of workmanship, conforming to IPC 610 Class 2 and 3, at their highest target conditions. Training of staff is conducted by dedicated in-house qualified trainers and specialists, or external partners who we have been working with for many years.

At Custom Interconnect, we are proud to have the current UK & European Soldering Champions on-site, and they compete openly in IPC Worldwide Competitions, with more competing planned for the future. 

Automated soldering is provided by either Leaded, Lead-Free Wave soldering and automated Lead-free Selective soldering machines. Where we provide specialised High Temperature Soldering of components and materials, the applications are usually operating at temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Centigrade, and the pre-conditioning and preparation of all components and substrates becomes process critical. Projects of this nature are backed up with in-house XRF and Materials Testing and can be further verified using in-House X-Ray Inspection.

We have a dedicated team of operators who can provide controlled re-work and repair of electronic assemblies to IPC-7711 & IPC-7721 and are themselves certified IPC Specialists. The Team can provide component removal, modification and replacement of BGA's and other complex devices through controlled re-work programs and procedures.

The ongoing development of Surface Mount Technology has in no way devalued the high level of Conventional Assembly skills of the operators at Custom Interconnect. Conventional Assembly and Hand Soldering is still treated as a highly important feature, and a strong and evolving skill base at CIL.

If you’re interested in SMT Board Assembly get in touch with the business development team today and see what Custom Interconnect can do for you.


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