Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Arrangements

Quality Control

Our Quality System includes the appraisal and assessment of components and sub-assembly quality using documented measurement and control systems. All Levels of workmanship is measured against published and industry accepted IPC Standards, ensuring that all product is manufactured, tested and inspected under the control of a high-level factory wide management system with additionally the material and operational traceability.

Our Fully Integrated Management Information System provides the control required over routings and processes required, from materials acceptance to product despatch including any specific product release requirements. 

CIL employ a number of Certified IPC Specialists & Trainers, and proactively we sit on a number of workmanship standards advisory boards and utilise second part experts with our staff training and development plans, thereby ensuring that our entire  production workforce is always trained, certified and maintained to the highest of standards.

Copies of our Quality Systems Certification, can be located and downloaded here.


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