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CIL Materials and Purchasing Control

Obsolescence monitoring, Risk and communication of Product Change Notices.

Custom Interconnect Limited, as part of our quotation process we conduct "Data Cleansing", where appropriate commercial and risk assessments, we will identify materials and components deemed to be "At Risk" and will monitor these items for our clients until the perceived risks are deemed neutralised.  We also request from our Supply Chain that we are notified of Product Change Notices or any advisory Notices of Obsolescence and recommended "Last Time Buy" actions.  When we receive such notifications CIL Purchasing will forward all relevant Notices & PCN's to Customer Account Managers for any joint action to be taken with our Customers. 

Formal Obsolescence Monitoring can be provided, where a Customer's Bill of Material is monitored specifically for obsolescence by using sophisticated industry leading software tools. These software tools output a multitude of data that includes.

Full Part description

RoHS status

Year to end of life (EOL) and also up to date information on global stocks

Alternative component cross references to assist with replacement parts

Country of origin

Conflict mineral status

Counterfeit risk, based upon recorded instances of the component being counterfeited

In these times of global stock shortages, these software tools have allowed CIL to better assist its customers, whilst also keeping them aware of alternative parts and the probability of counterfeiting.


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