CIL Supply Chain



CIL Materials and Purchasing Control

Control and Maintenance of Custom Interconnects Approved Supplier List.

At Custom Interconnect we only use Approved Suppliers that already exist on our Procurement System, and our policy is that we do not purchase materials from grey market suppliers or unauthorized distribution, unless first approved by the customer, this is only acceptable under a formal concessionary action. Every supplier has to comply with, and complete an approval process, during which they are to provide us with evidence of the Quality Approvals and certification’s which we require. Once Approved by Custom Interconnect Limited Quality Assurance the suppliers can be entered onto our Purchasing Control and MRPII System, where upon all subsequent transactions are recorded.  Suppliers and Manufacturers of bespoke or custom made parts may be subject to an initial assessment by CIL as part of the Initial Approval process, and the need for this is determined by CIL Purchasing, Engineering or Quality Assurance. 

We Monitor our suppliers in accordance to the companies AS9100 Rev D and ISO13485:2016 procedures, review frequency is based upon a set of criteria reflecting the scope and range of supply and the criticality to the business, typically Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers are reviewed quarterly, and details of reviews and assessments are fed back to the Supply Chain.

The CIL Terms and Conditions of Purchase can be located and downloaded here.


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