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Dri-Storage in Nitrogen


In order that we can segregate and store materials which are moisture sensitive or hygroscopic in nature, or may be subject to the oxidation of prepared surfaces, we have available a number of secure Dri-Storage cabinets all having a Nitrogen purged environment. Here are some examples of the types of circumstances for which we use them:-

  • Baked PCB's and moisture sensitive materials awaiting population.
  • PCB's where metallic finishes are not tolerent to normal atmosphere. 
  • Materials purchased as "Last Time Buy" or reserve stocks over extended periods.
  • Components which have been pre-conditioned awaiting use by Production.
  • Sub-Assemblies which are part of a call-off, considered intolerant to moisture ingress.
  • Optical or silicon devices where such storage is recommended by the manufacturer or client.

CIL has Liquid Nitrogen as a consigned stock item and this is backed up by in-house Nitrogen Generators, ensuring that the supplies to cabinets are always maintained. The initial demand to store materials under these controls are determined out of our NPI and Engineering processes. Procurement and materials control specifications and production routings may also reflect these requirements.

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