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High Temperature Soldering

CIL houses a world class high temperature soldering capability used by some of the biggest names in the global Oil & Gas industry. Typical applications are electronics used in Down-Hole Oil & Gas Drilling, Industrial Control Electronics and some Medical Treatment Equipment. Electronics with operating ranges in excess of 150 degrees C, 165 degrees C, 185 degrees C and as high as 220 degrees C and have to be stored at -60 degrees C are produced at Custom Interconnect Limited. As well as high temperature a high percentage of what we manufacture has to withstand up to continuous 20G's in 3 axis for up to 4 years with zero failures tolerated. Although never a high volume requirement we have at times manufactured up to 400 off PCBA's/month for one Oil & Gas customer alone.

We solder Surface Mount Technology and Conventional Electronics to meet these operational temperatures, and in every case workmanship has to comply with the requirements of IPC 610 Class 3. The skills of the production staff and machine process capability is matched to these requirements, and maintained through our monitoring and measuring procedures. 
When preparing and soldering components, SMT or Conventional, there are a number of considerations and control parameters, enabling high quality soldering of joints that are able to withstand these higher temperature applications. 

Key process decisions include:-

  • Operator Training & Certification.
  • Component Pre-Conditioning.
  • Materials selected for soldering.
  • Soldering in Nitrogen Environment.
  • Cleaning / Flux removal regime.
  • In-House XRF Component and materials testing.
  • On-Sight X-ray examination of joints and materials.
  • Nitrogen Storage Cabinets.
  • Cleaning, Conformal Coating & Staking.
  • Product Testing and Post assembly stress screening.

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