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Conformal Coating

In order to preserve and protect the electronics, we are able to provide a Conformal Coating service. This involves ensuring that all surfaces to be coated are able to withstand the chemical composition of the Coating, and that the surface preparation is such that the coatings will correctly adhere to all surfaces. Many requirements include a list of components or areas which must remain free from conformal coatings, and a masking schedule is produced to ensure that this is achieved.

We can apply a variety of coatings using a simple spray booth application method, where greater control of the material deposition is required we can use step tags and UV Inspection tools that can identify potential low coverage areas, and highlights any voids or pin-holes in the coatings.

CIL has available an automated “Dip” system, which uses a high integrity coating that can be applied to a given deposition thickness, which is computer controlled by timing the insertion and extraction rates very specifically. The material viscosity is controlled within the system and uses an Argon Blanket to ensure there is no oxidation or degradation of the materials used.

All Conformal Coating materials are checked for process compatibility with those used used for Staking and under-filling, which may in certain circumstances precede the Conformal Coating stages.

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