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Design Services

Since its inception some 30 years ago, Custom Interconnect have always been directly involved in the design and layout of Thick Film & Power Hybrids, also the design of Advanced Technology solutions using Bare Die, complex Arrays, and other small scale devices. Our in-house design engineering service is available to assist our customer, both new and existing with project designs.

It is a primary business objective that we are seen as an Engineering Company and not just a "Build to Print" EMS provider.  We set ourselves apart by being able to offer total solutions to our customers, and we are not here to merely to identify and present problems, for us at CIL it's all about Solutions.

Our Design Services Team can value engineer existing designs, as well as providing design and engineering support for new designs and projects. 

  • We are able to provide modifications and controlled changes to Printed Circuit Board designs.
  • Technical assistance for the consideration, use and application of Bare Die and chip scale components.
  • Custom BGA design for obsolescense and new die technology.
  • Assist in design for Manufacture at both Electronic Assembly and product build using Solidworks Software.
  • Assist in the rapid design of Enclosures and Housings using in-house 3D additive Printing.
  • Bill of Materials "Scrubbing & Cleaning" for Manufacturing Readiness considering Risk and Obsolescence. 

Design Partners

For full Hardware and Software design projects we use a small but "trusted" network of Approved Design Partners who undertake more of the complex design work. Custom Interconnect will act as Project Managers who will expedite and control all agreed project milestones and cardinal product approval points.  We have included a short profile and contact information for our Approved Design Partners in the following Sections, we welcome you to contact them directly or through our Business Development Team at CIL.

Our experience strongly suggests that when CIL is the designated Project Manager,  we remain better placed to control project time lines and their associated costs, ensuring that budgets remain under control whilst making sure that project time scales are strictly met. The importance of identifying manufacturing readiness is also a major objective for CIL and this gives us a clearer focus for completion targets.

Technical Readiness Levels (TRL's) are always the basis for agreement on the project timescales and all technical targets with Design Clients.  The most appropriate procedures and processes are selected for the design path and that which compliments the TRL agreed.

If you’re interested in our design services, get in touch with the business development team today and see what Custom Interconnect can do for you.


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