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Homeland Security & Defence Sector

Custom Interconnect Ltd is an AS9100-C Quality Approved Company. Accordingly, CIL sees the Defence Engineering and Homeland Security Industry as one of its more traditional business Sectors. Many of the Standard Operation Procedures and Practices have been based upon the business needs of this Industry Sector, ensuring that we have correct control and management of technically complex and time-critical projects.


Custom Interconnect has practical electronics manufacturing experience across Access & Border Control Systems by using visual image processing and biometric registration controls, alongside that of high-reliability optical electronics used in weapon reflex sighting systems and IED detection and jamming homeland security solutions.

Quality and Innovation

We are involved in projects through all stages of Technical Readiness. Our change and product configuration control are managed by the Sector Group, which ensures that the product quality levels are always maintained to meet Customer demands through custom security.

The technologies used - and the inevitable breaks with convention by our Customers - always keeps us on the look-out for new manufacturing equipment and methods in order to stay well ahead of the "Technology Curve", thereby supporting this sector into the future.


Our Defence & Homeland Security Sector Group is normally project-facing and able to assist in programs that are in the early stages of Technical Readiness, where products may be used for demonstration phases through to models for a full release, deployment and subsequent operational use.

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