CIL Supply Chain

CIL Materials and Purchasing Control


Members of CIL Anti-Counterfeiting Group.

The Materials Group at CIL plays a pivotol role within the CIL Anti-Counterfeiting Group.  They are the primary communications pipeline to any required resolution with the CIL Supply Chain and obtain the required data needed by CIL Quality Assurance and Engineering groups. The Purchasing Team provides Counterfeit Alerts based upon Market availability of materials, economic influences, and Supply Chain warnings. In addition to this, CIL now runs industry leading software tools that the component manufacturers keep updated instances of every electronic component being counterfeited. Using these tools, as well as actively preventing counterfeiting we can also pro-actively prevent them by having up to date information from the manufacturers as to the probability of knowing which components are at higher risk. Components Identified "At Risk" due to known counterfeiting activities are Flagged as such within our MRPII System, ensuring that "At Risk" parts are validated by Quality Assurance & Engineering upon receipt.

All components that are purchased "at risk" and from non-franchised distribution are more stringently inspected upon receipt and in some instances have to be fully tested before production release. These devices can be X-Ray'd and with the advent of CIL adding the CT -Scan facility to its X-Ray capability in October 2018, we will also be adding this screening process.


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