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Custom Interconnect Ltd continues to support and build for obsolete semiconductors as well as the packaging of most modern IC types. These include microprocessors, memory, ASIC’s, Medical sensors, MEM's and most other die types both new and old. As well as offering hermetically sealed ceramic packages, we can also more importantly offer them packaged as BGA devices with both Lead and Lead-free solder balls of a variety of sizes. As well as FR4 based BGA substrates we can also use higher temperature materials such as Polyimide and ceramic with associated higher temperature BGA ball alloys for markets such as Military and Oil & Gas with operating temperatures up to 220 degC.


CIL has in house BGA PCB design capability coupled with a supply chain ability to assemble BGA solder balls ready for die / wire bonding. Ball sizes range from 0.2mm – 0.8mm, but any standard off the shelf ball size can be accommodated in most readily available solder alloys such as tin/lead, SAC305, Bismuth and HMT solders. As both RoHS and now RoHS2 have or are about to become law, more and more products now have to comply with this EU directive. The vast majority of products that had to be compliant did so in 2005, but a large number of customers and thier products got RoHS exemption at this time, but now have to be compliant with RoHS2. As a number of designs still use lead as part of the device or its soldering technique a RoHS compliant solution now needs to be found. CIL has the ability to source bare die and design custom BGA solutions that are both RoHS and RoHS2 compliant so that the product is manufacturable for as long as the die are available. If required we can still source and N2 store bare die so that the long term future of the product is assured. As well as RoHS compliant products, there are still industries troubled by the unknown failure mechanism of tin whiskers that can found when using RoHS compliant assembly techniques. Therefore as well as RoHS compliant assembly techniques we also have the ability to design and manufacture devices using traditional Tin/lead solder alloys for customers that require it, such as Military / Aerospace.


Once the design / ball soldering operation is complete, it is then is processed internally at CIL for all die and wire bonding using aluminium wedge, gold wedge or gold ball wire bonding depending on the technology required. Once wirebonded and tested, the assembly is then able to be encapsulated using dam & fill glob top technologies

All devices are fully evaluated and semiconductors are assembled within closely controlled processes, using Qualified Manufacturing Lines, or approved assembly therefore giving 100% quality assurance to ISO9001, ISO13485 and AS9100


If required, CIL has extensive in house test and diagnostic capabilities we also have a wide variety of external test and environmental partners so that we are able to supply fully compliant product.

There are a variety of other companies offering chip repackaging and component repackaging using ceramic package solutions. Although CIL can offer this, the majority of our solutions for old chipsets and more importantly new design chipsets are centred on custom BGA solutions. Once assembled and tested, the custom BGA can then be placed using one of our 10 SMT placement machines so that complete PCBA assemblies are supplied to ISO9001, ISO13485 (medical) and AS9100 (Aerospace).

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