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Automotive BEV & PHEV

At Custom Interconnect Limited we have an unrivalled assembly capability to anywhere in the UK. With an extensive SMT PCB assembly facility, a state of the art high power die and wire bond assembly facility and a rapidly growing diagnostic equipment portfolio, our power electronics boast high quality production and superior technology for your battery engine vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

Our Power Electronic Packaging Capabilities

 Our current manufacturing capabilities for BEV and PHEV include the following:

  • 8 off SMT lines, all 01005 / BGA / WLCSP capable 
  • 10 zone hot air reflow, reflow in N2, In-line 10 zone hot air with Vacuum assist and vapour phase / vacuum assisted vapour phase
  • 3d AOI with 15um resolution / measure / foreign object all set to IPC3
  • Dage QUADRA 5 x-ray system complete with CT-Scan capability for void analysis
  • Sonoscan GEN7 scanning acoustic microscopy (C-SAM) for void analysis of heavy copper content substrates
  • Laser depanel / cutter for odd form / thin / thick PCBs
  • FR4 heavy copper to 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 16oz and 32oz
  • Silver sinter die attach of SiC / GaN devices onto multiple substrate types
  • Heavy gauge Aluminium / Copper wire bonding
  • Packaged IGBT / SiC / GaN power device soldering will very low levels of voiding <1%
  • Prototype capability of silver sinter die attach of SiC / GaN device
  • Prototype capability of heavy gauge aluminium / copper wire / ribbon bonding

Furthermore, we are able to provide the below:

Interconnect Technologies include:

  • Silver Sinter die attach
  • Silver Sinter top level interconnect
  • Silver Sinter both low/pressure-less and High Pressure methods
  • Eutectic Soldering using Formic Acid soldering techniques
  • Laser Soldering

Packaged SiC types include

  • ST Micro STPAK
  • ST Micro SCTG011H75G3AG
  • Wolfspeed WM4
  • Hitachi
  • Multiple other packaged types

Die types include:

  • Silicon Carbide SiC
  • Gallium Nitride GaN
  • IGBT
  • Mosfet's
  • Multiple other die types

Substrate materials include:

  • Alumina or other Metallised ceramics.
  • DBC Direct Bonded Copper substrates
  • AMB Active Metal Brazing substrates
  • AiN substrates
  • Copper
  • Copper Tungsten
  • Aluminium Backed & Aluminium
  • Other high thermal materials

Heavy Gauge Wire Bonding includes:

  • Aluminium (Al) to 600um wire
  • Aluminium (Al) to 2.00mm ribbon
  • Copper to (Cu) 600um wire
  • Copper to (Cu) 2.00mm ribbon
  • Aluminium/Copper (AlCu) to 600um wire
  • Aluminium/Copper (AlCu) to 2.00mm ribbon

Our experience with BEV and PHEV vehicles

CIL has extensive knowledge and manufacturing experience in Automotive BEV & PHEV Electronic systems. Using ruggedised knowhow gained from 15 years of Oil & Gas PCBA production and our Advanced Technology excellence dealing with bare die processing, we create state of the art components for both BEV and PHEV vehicles.  Our heavy gauge aluminium / copper wire bonding similarly give CIL un-rivalled BEV & PHEV manufacturing capability.

CIL is at the forefront of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) packaging using silver sinter technology onto high thermal transfer materials such as AMB / DBC substrates and other materials. For top level interconnects, heavy gauge wire bonding using both aluminium or copper wire / ribbon is the preferred method, but other interconnect technologies are being researched. In the future we hope to offer the following capabilities:

  • Small, medium and volume capability of silver sinter die attach of SiC / GaN devices onto multiple substrate types
  • Small, medium and volume capability of heavy gauge aluminium / copper wire bonding
  • Volume SMT line for production manufacture of BEV inverter PCBA
  • Full suite of ESS equipment for automotive qualification
  • Complete BEV inverter assembly facility to 800v operation

Our expertise and knowledge have ultimately culminated in being selected by both BMW and McLaren on the APC15 funded @FutureBEV consortium, to develop SiC based power switches and associated drive electronics/sensors for BMW and McLaren inverters to be used on their future vehicles. We also work with a number of other customers in this sector using IGBT / SiC / GaN based power electronics coupled with heavy copper PCB's capable of operating at 150ºC and high vibration environments.

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