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LED & Thermal Management

Custom Interconnect Ltd have many years of experience in the selection and assembly of LED's as illuminators. We provide a design and manufacturing support service for Customers utilising both packaged parts and also LED's supplied as Bare Die. 

Wavelengths of LED's are available across the spectrum, both in the visible and non-visible areas, and we can support you with single sources of fixed wavelengths, or banded across multiple wavelengths and combinations thereof.

The methods available for the thermal management of LED's as illuminators has changed radically over the last few years and we have probably manufactured products, at one time or another, which has used every-one of them.  Micro-vias, peltier cooling, air and fluids cooling have all been used, as well as specific Substrates types. CIL's Advanced Technology Team has the experience and the knowledge base required to assist you with design and product reliability issues associated with LED applications.

We are also able to assist with and recommend design paths for the Lenses and Focal requirements of your designs, using a combination of our own in-house expertise and that of an established supply chain.

CIL supports many Industry Sectors including Medical, Research and Defence, in short a very comprehensive range of applications where we can provide design and manufacturing services, enabling our customers to develop and bring products to market more quickly and efficiently.

CIL offers a wide range of LED based solutions and services, including:

  • Optical Coating Solutions.
  • Power or Driver Modules.
  • Lens Design & Creation.
  • Thermal & Cooling Solutions.
  • Bare LED die sourcing.
  • Controlled storage.
  • Packaged Parts from specialist manufacturers and Industry partners.

If you’re interested in LED & Thermal Management, get in touch with the business development team today and see what Custom Interconnect can do for you.

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