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Transportation Infrastructure

For more than 25 years, Custom Interconnect Ltd has been faithfully supplying the Transport Infrastructure sector with the manufacture of Marine Rescue and Emergency Location Products, alongside that of Mobile Asset tracking and Geo tracking devices which have been in continuous production throughout this period. More recently we have seen a business shift towards modern electronic controls within prestige vehicles and Hybrid Vehicle, together with transportation infrastructure for the Railways, and Access Control and Maintenance Systems for the Road/Rail Networks.

Supporting both Commercial and Military applications, CIL’s Transport Sector has provided a full range of products, some of which are deemed to be for life preservation, in the form of Search & Rescue Location Beacons, and Life Jacket Beacons. As a provider of Box Build services for a number of Customers, we are supplying ANPR and Revenue Collection traffic and Fleet Control systems, both Fixed and Mobile devices. We also produce power and motor control systems used in Hybrid Vehicles and High Powered LED’s for head-lights, stop-lights and DRL’s for a range of vehicles, both military and commercial.

Our Advanced Technology Team also provides sensor based electronics for Vehicle Test Systems and equipment used in the safety testing of Vehicles for MOT Centres. We are working alongside one of the leading manufacturers of High Powered LED Components that are under evaluation and destined to enter this market in significant volume.

Our longstanding experience in producing rugged electronics used in adverse environments, matches and fully compliments the transport sector and the skill base CIL has developed over the years. We have an industry leading team available to discuss your own particular needs and desires, call CIL Business Development to arrange a visit to meet the team.

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