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Box and Full Product Build

Only 5 minutes' drive from Custom Interconnect's main Charlton Road Factory, we have a designated and secure Box Build facility, comprising an additional 12,000 sq ft of manufacturing. This was created to ensure that CIL has appropriate resources available to support the mechanical assembly and testing of the electronics into enclosures. 

The Facility is fully in support of the medical, space technology and defence sectors and we have also provisioned for a classified "Clean Room", catering for the assembly of Optical Components and the more intricate of assemblies. "Box Build" has its own materials storage, is environmentally controlled, and has full Anti-static Flooring, with resource for the storage of finished goods and components.

CIL's Box Build facility is controlled under the common Quality Assurance Arrangements and covers ISO 13485:2016 approval for the manufacture of Medical Devices, AS9100 Rev D for the management of aerospace, defence and security, and ISO 9001:2015.

All Staff are fully trained, and sit on a Company wide Training & Versatility Matrix which reflects the correct skill set for the assembly and testing of electronics products.

The portfolio of Products we manufacture, include, but are not limited to:-

  • Complete Probe and Tool builds used in the Oil & Gas Sector, assembled & tested to withstand the rigors of down hole operation.
  • Equipment used in Vehicle Compliance & Testing Stations.
  • RF Communication Base Stations for commercial and Military applications.
  • Roadside and vehicle mounted ANPR Camera Systems.
  • A range of Medical equipment and handheld devices used across the sector.  

Custom Interconnects' Box Build facility is "Best in Class" and produces significantly more than just Printed Circuit Boards. If you require a full turn-key product manufactured and tested to the highest standards of workmanship and control, then please give our Business Development Team a call or drop us an enquiry, giving CIL Manufacturing an opportunity to look at your specific requirements.

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