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Device used in Canulation

Device used in Canulation

Case Studies :

A Medical device, designed to assist clinicians when searching for a suitable vein to cannulate and the resulting numbers of failed stick attempts is a real and increasing issue. The device is a vein imager that is designed to assist doctors and nurses in the identification of peripheral blood vessels through providing a real-time image of a patient’s vascular structure.

Custom Interconnect has been working very closely with the Customer and their respective Design Authority for a number of years and has seen the product mature through its TRL, (Technology Readiness Levels) to a fully released Medical Device.

We have manufactured the rapid Prototypes and evaluation Models whilst developing a robust product testing strategy, CIL has assisted with the component and material selection process from the early TRL Stages to Product Release, where aspects such as Product Packaging, user interfaces and Instructions have been developed and specified, providing a full turnkey solution.

Our Quality Assurance Team has taken an active role and become a focal point for the product compliance roadmap, and this ensures the quality of the Supply Chain and the entire CIL Manufacturing processes from PCBA to Full Product Build and Delivery of the Customer Pack, all too agreed specifications under our ISO13485 Medical Devices Approval.

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