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BGA Rework

Custom Interconnect Limited can rework and/or replace BGA’s and most other components with hidden or discrete leads. Our skilled operators and the support equipment we have available, such as BGA Rework Stations, Thermal Imaging Systems and of course Digital X-Ray, ensures that the best care and attention is always taken. Our rework staff are highly experienced and trained specialists to IPC Standards 7711/7721.  

In addition to BGA exchange we do have the ability to re-ball BGA’s, but irrespective of what appears to be a simple replacement or re-balling, we would like to take each requirement and fully assess the risks involved, agreeing a technical instruction in consultation with our Engineering and Production Teams. 

Product modifications and up-grades can be accommodated from simple component removal and replacement, to bare board track modifications and wire linking, all conforming to the appropriate IPC Standards of methods and workmanship.

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