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Aerospace & Space Technology Sector


This is a fast developing sector for Custom Interconnect and extremely strong synergy with our Industrial and Oil & Gas Sector Customers. We are becoming excited with the major developments being made, and the many innovation paths occurring within this sector. These cross sector needs of equipment operating at high temperature, high pressure and levels of extreme vibration and stress - all of which we are very well versed in - sets us apart from the competition. Our Advanced Technology Team has already been working with a number of clients on some experimental Electronics and Sensor Technology which have been, or are planned to enter service within active Space Missions and Programs.

At component level, the technologies used in the Communications and the Defence Sector products also compliment similar disciplines used in the Space Technology Sector. This means that our Supply Chain is also well aligned to the needs and demands of the Aerospace Sector, when coupled with our established Management Control systems, making CIL a sound partner for the future Space Technology Sector.

The use of satellite and near space technology, such as high altitude drones and UAV's, is expanding into everyday applications, such as automated Farming, Geo Surveys and Industrial Monitoring, so it makes perfect sense for Custom Interconnect to further extend our offerings into this exciting Sector. Our proven experience in High Reliability and High Temperature Electronics underpins this.

At Custom Interconnect we believe we can provide customers with a substantial and beneficial offering to the Space and Aerospace Sector, so we would welcome exploratory discussions and a visit to meet the Team at Custom Interconnect to discuss first-hand the more unusual and unique requirements of this Sector. Get in touch with Custom Interconnect today and learn how our industry leading team can help your Aerospace needs.


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