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Power Electronics for BEV / PHEV Vehicles

 CIL's extensive SMT PCB assembly facility combined with its high power die/wire bond assembly facility and its growing diagnostic equipment portfolio gives it an unrivalled assembly capability anywhere in the UK. PCB technology includes

FR4 HEAVY COPPER TO 6oz, 8oz, 10oz & 12oz Thicknesses

We are placing IGBT & SiC packaged devices on a daily basis and using Vacuum Assisted Vapour Phase reflow technology supplemented with the very latest DAGE QUADRA 5 X-Ray machine results in extreemly low solder voiding which is critical in high power electronic assembly for this market. Also based upon 15 years of extensive component and assembly knowledge gained from the Oil & Gas downhole industry many of the assemblies being produced have to operate at 150 Deg C which are temperatures being generated in SiC based BEV Inverters.

CIL's Power micro-electronics packaging facility is at the forefront of the EV power revolution primarily used in Automotive BEV & PHEV drivetrain systems. Centred around Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power packaging using Silver Sinter die attach techniques, CIL has the most advanced capability in the UK. Top level connectivity is normally achieved with Heavy Gauge Aluminium or Copper wire/ribbon with wire diameter up to 600um and CIL is also involved with Tier 1 OEM's researching low cost/high reliability methods of connection that is not wire bonded. This has ultimately culminated in CIL being selected by both BMW and McLaren on the APC15 funded @FutureBEV consortium, to develop SiC based power switches and associated drive electronics/sensors for BMW and McLaren inverters to be used on their future vehicles. CIL is also working with a number of other customers in this sector and multiple other sectors using IGBT / SiC / GaN based power electronics

Substrate materials include

  • Alumina or other Metallised ceramics.
  • DBC Direct Bonded Copper substrates
  • AMB Active Metal Brazing substrates
  • AiN substrates
  • Copper
  • Copper Tungsten
  • Aluminium Backed & Aluminium
  • Other high thermal materials

Heavy Gauge Wirebonding includes

  • Aluminium (Al) to 600um wire
  • Aluminium (Al) to 2.00mm ribbon
  • Copper to (Cu) 600um wire
  • Copper to (Cu) 2.00mm ribbon
  • Aluminium/Copper (AlCu) to 600um wire
  • Aluminium/Copper (AlCu) to 2.00mm ribbon

Packaged SiC types include

  • ST Micro STPAK
  • ST Micro SCTG011H75G3AG
  • Wolfspeed WM4
  • Hitachi
  • Multiple other packaged types

All of this assembly capability is backed up with wirebond pull and die shear test capability. The detection of voiding under power devices is critical, so CIL uses its in-house Dage QUADRA5 X-ray / CT Scan system and also has in-house SONOSCAN Gen7 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (C-SAM) capability.

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