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Rapid Prototyping

In Jan 2024, CIL introduced a dedicated SMT line and associated thru-hole soldering and inspection to assist its customers with their prototypes and early model builds. At Custom Interconnect we fully understand the importance of having Prototype and Early Model production manufactured as quickly as possible, but in doing so maintaining control and the all-important expected levels of quality. At Custom Interconnect Rapid Production is an Engineering support function, to assist its customers with accelerated time to market. CIL now has given its customers the possibility of fast turn proto's, small to medium volume builds and volume production all from one supply.

  • Providing prototypes and early evaluation models for our Customers.
  • Prototype department in run by CIL Engineering, talking engineer to engineer to solve problems
  • SMT line comprises of MYCRONIC MY700 Ink Jet printer, MY300DX SMT Placement machine, 10 zone reflow oven and AOI.
  • Dedicated prototype area, equipment and personnel, it does not use production equipment
  • If the prototype is successful, CIL has an additional 5 x SMT lines for small to medium volumes and 2 x SMT lines for volume builds
  • All equipment and processes are 01005 / BGA / WLCSP capable
  • Receive your quotes in as little as 24 hours from receipt of data pack.
  • We can use provisional or early issue data, drawings and information.
  • We can source all the materials for you, or work from Free Issue Materials, in part or in full.
  • CIL Offers fast turn around production - from a clear kit of materials we can supply product in as little as 1- 3 days
  • Part hand build & part machine build can be accommodated.
  • Services such as 3D AOI & Flying Probe testing (FPT) of more complex boards can be provided, if required.
  • All other services such as X-Ray and CT-Scan testing are available as a Rapid Service.

 If you are an existing Customer then contact your Customer Team, or if you have not before spoken to CIL then talk to Business Development to get further details of this service.

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