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Industrial Sector

The Industrial Sector is synonymous for its stringent demands - Control, Consistency, and of course Product Reliability are all of paramount importance. The manufacture and full product build of Industrial Electronics remains a foundation business sector for Custom Interconnect Ltd. We currently supply Test Equipment for Vehicle Testing Centres, Seismic Monitoring and Measurement Systems, and equipment used in Nuclear Power Stations around the world.

CIL manufactures electronics to the highest levels of product quality, all of which conform to IPC standards of Workmanship Classes 2 & 3, and accordingly product reliability within the sector remains a high focus. Much of what we manufacture is embedded within safety critical or failsafe systems and clients rely upon CIL to produce their electronics to the highest quality standards.  Typically for our Customers within this sector we procure all required materials from our quality approved supply chain, provide the electronics manufacture, and in many cases we provide the final product build, including all required product acceptance testing, packing and shipping.

CIL's formalised approach to Risk Management, across most projects within the sector, makes for a safe pair of hands for your electronics manufacturing needs. Call and make an appointment, and discuss your own project in this safety critical Industry Sector with our Business Development and Engineering Teams.

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