Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Arrangements

Continuous Improvement

Quality Assurance Systems are largely based upon the effectiveness of Continuous Improvement and systemically eliminating defects from every process and product. Our ongoing improvement measures are:

  • 1) Maximize product manufacturing quality and reliability;
  • 2) Reduce cycle times;             and
  • 3) Reduce manufacturing costs.

A lean manufacturing program has been in place for a number of years looking at further opportunities to optimize these primary goals, which is aimed at reducing the incidences of rework, returns, scrap thereby reducing the Price of Non-Conformance (PONC) on an annual basis.

Our Current Business Management System focusses entirely upon customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness, the creation of a  Corrective Action Review Board (CARB) being a multi disciplinary team that reviews all corrective actions made in all areas, and their effectiveness. Based on the determination of the CARB then pro-active preventative measures are put in place to ensure both product or process integrity.

Copies of our Quality Systems Certification, can be located and downloaded here.


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