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PCBA Cleanliness

Printed Circuit Board cleanliness has been a subject of debate for many years, and CIL have adopted a simple, but effective approach. Based upon the Industry application and technology employed, we will recommend the solder technology and the cleaning regime required. We are able to measure and report board surface cleanliness, pre- & post-cleaning, comparing the results to known industry standards of acceptability.

Our Cleaning System accommodates standard cleaning cycles and also the option to utilise Ultrasonic Agitation during the cycle, if required. Surface cleanliness can be measured as part of an ongoing sample system or as a stand-alone pre- and post-clean measurement. This may be carried out as part of the NPI approval or a controlled re-work procedure, where changes to the fluxes used are required.

Where processes such as High Temperature Soldering is specified, and multiple, or timed cleaning cycles are required, the CIL process routing system ensures that this can always be achieved. A high level of PCBA Cleanliness is of paramount importance if Conformal Coating or Component Staking is required in addition to the performance issues associated with "Dirty Boards".

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