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Medical & Laboratory Sector

Both of CIL’s UK Manufacturing facilities are fully approved to Quality Standard ISO13485:2016 for the manufacture of Medical Devices. At Custom Interconnect we have a Medical Industry Sector Team that has a sound understanding of the materials, their respective sources, and the production needs of a wide range of medical systems and products. Thus making CIL your ideal manufacturing partner for all your medical products and devices.

Our Advanced Technology and Electronics Production Teams produce a selection of very complex sensors and array's for Laboratory and Research use, as well as the manufacture of complete Vision systems used in Oncology Treatment Suites. Custom Interconnect's Box Build facility also manufatures a selection of smaller hand-held devices used by nursing staff on patient wards. Some of the products we make at CIL rely upon the assembly of lenses, sensors, displays and other smaller scale electro-mechanical parts, so our class 10,000 clean rooms provide the perfect manufacturing environment for these tasks, across both manufacturing sites. 

The very nature of work conducted by our Advanced Technology Team working at the bare die level, inevitably spawns project developments from across the globe and with many research and development organizations, both large and small. It's true to state that CIL is always working with more than one UK University, or their incubator units, as well as numerous International places of learning or research.

The Medical Sector Team at CIL, with expertise from within Engineering, Quality Assurance and Business Development, are able to assist you with a robust and risk adverse product introduction program, all managed and underpinned using the industry standard ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System.

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