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Multi Chip Modules, Custom Ball Grid Arrays & Chip Scale Packages

In essence, a MCM-C that is ceramic based, and a MCM-L that is laminate or bare PCB based, can be manufactured by Custom Interconnect's Advanced Technology Team.

More complex in their nature, these assemblies can consist of single or multiple die, assembled alongside other external, or standard SMT components and also can be single or double sided assemblies. We can assist our Customers with arriving appropriate solutions to manage the thermal conditions required, or simply re-packaging the die, in order that product life can be extended to match the operational needs of the Product.  The combined offering of our Advanced Technology with that of our leading Surface Mount Assembly and Testing capability makes for a complete product manufacturing partnership, and available from a single source. Using a combination of CIL's entire process portfolio, which includes - complex SMT, 3D AOI, FPT, laser depanel, wafer dice, die bond, wire bond, flip chip, TSV, glob top, X-Ray, CT Scan and others, CIl is able to manufacture highly complex assemblies for its customers.

CIL also designs and manufactures custom BGA packages for some of our customers - usually where component identification is covert or simply where the device is only available as a Bare Die - we can usually arrive at a cost effective packaging solution. When you consider current issues and problems associated with obsolescence or restrictions within the scope of supply, this often leaves Customers faced with re-packaging issues and is where CIL's Advanced Technology Team can assist you with finding a cost effective solution.













Irrespective of product size or weight issues, CIL has probably encountered it. We are currently working with the very latest Chip Scale and Wafer Scale Packages and looking at the requirements for placing, soldering and cleaning of these devices alongside that of standard SMT Components. Feel free to get in touch with our Advanced Technology Team and have a conversation regarding your particular requirements.


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