Inspection & Testing

Inspection & Product Testing

In-Process Inspection

At Custom Interconnect, all In-Process Inspection of Electronics Assemblies are pre-defined within a product specific routing which details the Inspection & Test Plan for the product. This provides for a defined inspection routing which is dependent upon product maturity, and all previous Inspection results.  The process routing for each different assembly is jointly agreed by Production Engineering & Quality Assurance, and will consist of one or more of the following inspection types:-

  • First Off Machine and process verification checks.
  • Batch Inspections, using human, visual Inspection schedules and check lists.
  • AOI, Automated Optical Inspection x 3
  • Dage XD-7600 Digital X-Ray Inspection and Measurement x 1
  • TAKAYA Flying probe test FPT x 3
  • 100% Functional test specialising in RF frequencies
  • Outgoing Inspection Schedules. 
  • Sample Inspections, used at Goods Inwards Inspection stages.
  • First Article Inspection Report, to cover the entire verification plan.


Our In-Process Inspection Team and Quality Assurance staff have available to them Marantz AOI stations and Inspectoscan verification equipment for use on conventional and mixed technology board assemblies.  We have a high number of microscopes and vision systems, up to and including 1000 X times magnification available, and may be used in conjunction with our own on-site Non-Contact Coordinate Measurement station, 3D X-ray or we have full access to Electron Scanning Microscopes.

In-Process Testing

The Test & Inspection Plan defines the required type and level of product testing required for each product under manufacture. The plan is produced as an output from our NPI Engineering process, thereby ensuring that, where required, all functional and in circuit test attributes are verified using the specified methods during the ongoing production process.

It is the preference at CIL to provide our customers with a comprehensive full product test, thereby ensuring that our Customers only receive fully conforming product. In order that we achieve this, we use a combination of our Takaya Flying Probe Testers and a wide range of Functional testing equipment including, JTag and X-JTAG, Labview Test Simulation and Teradyne combinational testers. 

Full Product Functional Testing may be an in-process requirement or as an outgoing product quality measure. This can also be fully accommodated at our Box Build facility who are able to provide a full product testing service for our Customers.

As part of developing a full Test & Inspection strategy for the product, we can provide optional temperature cycling and stress testing as we have a number of Stress Screening Chambers and elevated temperature ovens, as well as a Screened Room for RF Testing at power and RF Isolation.


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