CIL installs its fourth MYCRONIC MY300DX / DEK NeoHORIZON 03iX / Vitronics 10 zone oven SMT Placement line. :: Custom Interconnect Limited

CIL installs its fourth MYCRONIC MY300DX / DEK NeoHORIZON 03iX / Vitronics 10 zone oven SMT Placement line.

Due to continued exceptional growth, Custom Interconnect Ltd has invested in its fourth MYCRONIC MY300DX SMT machine / DEK NeoHORIZON 03iX / Vitronics Soltec 10 zone reflow oven combination. This further expands CIL’s capacity and its technical capability for both existing and new customer requirements. The MY300DX is the very latest machine in the MYCRONIC machine line up and therefore puts CIL at the cutting edge of placement technology. With 0201 SMT placement now commonplace, increasingly CIL finds itself placing 100,000’s of 0201 components weekly as well as BGA’s/LGA’s/CSP’s. Two out of the four new SMT lines are also being used to support CIL’s work on its various APC & DER low carbon programs such as APC15@FutureBEV and ELIPS. Included in these projects is the requirement for wide band gap device placement, some of which are GaN based CSP's. These development programs involve the assembly of the very latest designs using densely packed devices that can only be achieved with state-of-the-art assembly equipment. To be able to place 0201’s and Chip scale package styles on a daily basis with highly repeatable results cannot be achieved with equipment that is older than 5 years. This has resulted in CIL having to invest heavily in this technology to support its customers with high technology and high reliability products. With 0201’s now making up 85% of all passives placed and increasingly being tasked with placing 01005’s, CIL has had to replace its entire fleet of PCBA assembly equipment in the last 3 years. This has included

  • 4 off DEK NeoHORIZON 03iX solder printers
  • 4 off MYCRONIC MY300SX/DX SMT Placement machines
  • 4 off 10 zone Air/N2 reflow ovens
  • 1 off ASSCON VP6000 Vacuum Assisted Vapour Phase Reflow
  • 2 off Koh Young Zenith 2 3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines
  • 2 off TAKAYA APT1400F Flying Probe Testers (FPT)
  • 1 off DAGE QUADRA 5 X-Ray/CT-Scan system
  • 1 off LPKF 2115P Laser De-panel machine

This new capability when combined with its existing three other MYCRONIC SMT lines now means 80% of CIL’s total SMT capacity is now placing 0201’s/BGA’s/LGA’s/CSP’s. A further benefit of having four 0201 capable interchangeable SMT lines is helping with the current component lead-time/delivery challenges. Having the flexibility of four separate 0201 capable lines means that CIL always has production capacity for its customers.

As well as investment in SMT placement and inspection, CIL is also further invested in all areas of its business to support its continued growth.

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