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Custom Interconnect Launches Rapid Prototyping

Andover-based electronic manufacturer, Custom Interconnect Limited, has launched a RAPID electronics prototyping and pre-production service that will see low volume manufacturing cycles turned around in as little as 24 hours.


Operating as a separate division within Custom Interconnect, RAPID Electronics Prototyping will be led by engineers with over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of electronic assemblies.


The service will provide OEMs with a rapid electronics prototyping facility that can turnaround projects from as little as 24 hours to five days from receipt of components, depending upon the complexities of each build. The components can be a total free issue, total CIL procurement or a mixture of both.


John Boston, managing director of Custom Interconnect said:


“For some time Custom Interconnect has been working with customers to move prototypes from the early stages of development through to full production. The knowledge the team has – both in terms of skills that date back decades, but also cutting edge solutions working with new material and processes – means we are able to overcome complex problems for many of our customers. It therefore made perfect sense for Custom Interconnect to be able to deliver value much earlier in the process.


“The launch of RAPID will enable us to support the innovation taking place across all sectors of UK manufacturing, allowing OEMs to complete their electronics prototyping with an experienced team of engineers that are then able to transfer this through to a production process.”


RAPID will provide hand/machine placement in surface mount technology and conventional thru hole assembly techniques. The team has the capability of assembling SMT technologies as small as 01005 and all IC package technologies currently available such as QFP, QFN, BGA, uBGA and LGA etc


At present, Custom Interconnect estimate that up to 15 per cent of all the prototypes they are working require chip and wire, making full use of their extensive in house diebond and wirebond facility. The RAPID facility will have a segregated semi-clean room and can also provide prototype box builds including the 3D printing of parts.


Where reduced lead-time purchasing is required, a dedicated buyer and supply chain manager can determine the critical items and procurement needs of a project, as well as appropriate sourcing through Custom Interconnect’s strategic procurement partners.


Craig Wright, chairman of Custom Interconnect believes the UK will see increased prototyping activity over the next few years as improving economic conditions lead to larger research and development spend. He said:


“There is no doubt that confidence is growing among OEMs. Order books are filling and there is a sense that research and development budgets are being restored or increased.


“The role the UK electronics industry plays in helping manufacturers turn concepts into reality is critically important. The UK electronics industry boasts significant skill and by keeping engineers close to design teams, OEMs are able to realise their innovations much quicker.


“Custom Interconnect’s RAPID Electronic Prototyping is further evidence of the value we are able to bring.”


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