VHX-7000 Microscope

Custom Interconnect Ltd installs KEYENCE VHX-7000 Microscope

Custom Interconnect Ltd just keeps investing, this time its Keyence VHX-7000 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Digital Microscope


As part of CIL’s on-going investment plan as a result of its involvement in both APC15@FutureBEV and more recently UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) ‘Driving the Electric Revolution’ Project GaNSiC. CIL has started installing the sophisticated inspection equipment which starts with a Keyence VHX-7000 Ultra High Accuracy Digital Microscope with x 2,500 magnification and 1um laser measurement system. As well as supporting these programs, this equipment will also be used to give CIL’s existing customers an elevated UK based technology capability.

As part of @FutureBEV and GaNSiC, CIL are assembling and testing SiC and GaN based die and 0201 passives mixed with BGA’s and CSP devices. Over the last 2-3 years and going forwards, CIL has invested heavily in the equipment to manufacture these complex assemblies, and it has also had to invest in the inspection, measurement and investigation equipment to ensure what it is manufacturing is to specification. The geometries it is now working to are getting smaller and smaller and therefore CIL has had to upgrade its inspection capability. This started with Koh Young ZENITH2 3D AOI systems, and also upgrading its flying probe testers to the very latest TAKAYA APT1400F systems of which it will very soon have two.  CIL has also upgraded its X-Ray/CT Scan to a DAGE Quadra5 system and this is soon to be followed with  in-house CSAM capability. The Keyence VHX-7000 Digital Inspection Microscope now further enhances the optical inspection capability and at £77,000 each it is not a minor investment. Times 2,500 magnification and 1um laser measurement capability gives CIL an inspection capability unmatched anywhere else in the UK. As well as this Optical Microscope and DAGE Quadra5 X-ray/CT Scan system, CIL will be adding a SONOSCAN GEN7 Scanning Acoustic Microscope (CSAM) in the next 2 weeks. This combination of 3D AOI, TAKAYA Flying probe test, VHX7000 Optical Inspection, X-Ray/CT Scan and CSAM gives CIL an un-rivalled test and inspection capability for its customers.

This investment by CIL is part of a total investment of £1.5M on new equipment ordered towards the end of 2020 to assist CIL with its customers in 2021. Over the next few weeks CIL will be releasing details of these new process capabilities



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