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Custom Interconnect Ltd installs multiple YJ Link conveyors for its Koh Young 3D AOI Systems

Custom Interconnect Ltd installs multiple YJ Link conveyors to its Koh Young ZENITH2 3D AOI Systems 


 As part of CIL’s on-going investment plan to support its current and future customer demands it has invested in multiple YJ Link conveyors to optimise its two Koh Young 3D AOI systems. Increasingly CIL are seeing the volume of the products its manufactures for its customers actually increase during the Covid-19 pandemic. This increase and the continuous drive for a more automated assembly facility required CIL to install the following board handling systems.

YJ Link Magazine loader (Auto load capability)

YJ Link Reject Conveyor (Auto sort of pass/fail 3D Inspection)

YJ Link Link Conveyors

Already some of the lessons CIL has learnt from BMW on the APC15@FutureBEV program and their high reliability processing requirements are being fed through to benefit CIL existing customers. A combination of increasing production quantities, assembly becoming more complex due to 01005/0201’s/CSP/BGA placement means we are going “Hands off” assembly at CIL. The magazine loader can be loaded up with 1000 PCBA assemblies at a time and the Reject conveyor sorts “Passed 3D AOI” from “Reject 3D AOI” fully automatically using in-line barcode scanners tracing every single individual PCB inspected. When CIL shifted from its existing 2D AOI systems to the Koh Young ZENITH2 3D AOI systems not only was the quality / accuracy of the ZENITH2 far superior they are much faster. Typical 3D inspection and measure to 15um including foreign object detection (FOD) is now 10 – 15 seconds maximum and therefore automatic load and unload ensures machine optimisation and zero human error. CIL’s inspection staff have all been trained on the new equipment and welcome the increasing automation.

This investment by CIL is part of a total investment of £1.5M on new equipment ordered towards the end of 2020 to assist CIL with its customers in 2021. Over the next few weeks CIL will be releasing details of these new process capabilities



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