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IPC Standards Development Meetings and Awards for Symon Franklin

CIL’s own Symon Franklin, Co-Vice chair of the IPC European Technical Training committee, recently  attended the standards development meetings in San Diego, California. These meetings develop the new versions of industry wide standards and allow attendees from small start up companies through to multinational companies  such as Rockwell Collins and Lockheed Martin and Government agencies such as NASA to come together on an equal base  to gain a more in depth understanding of why criteria have changed between revisions and provide input and data on adding/changing criteria, help to resolve issues and conflicts between criteria and to aid in the decision to remove or add criteria.

Symon was also the recipient of the IPC Rising Star Award, this award is given to IPC members who have taken leadership roles and provided support to IPC standards, education, advocacy and solutions to industry challenges. Their contributions have made significant impact upon IPC and industry within the past five years and will continue to have a lasting impact for many years to come. Other winners of this award have come from the likes of Bosch and Huawei

He was also awarded 2 distinguished committee service awards for work on the IPC-A- 640 fibre optic standard and the IPC/WHMA –A-620 cable and wire harness standard .

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